Mission Rabies 2024: How we are helping to stop the spread of rabies - DNA Vetcare Group

On a mission to stop rabies for good:

Globally, rabies still claims the lives of approximately 59,000 people each year, with a staggering 20,000 of these fatalities occurring in India, most of them children..

Over 99% of human rabies cases are caused by an infected dog bite. As a result, millions of healthy dogs are inhumanely killed for fear of this deadly disease every year. However, this doesn’t halt the spread of rabies.

The Worldwide Veterinary Service (WVS) through its Mission Rabies initiative is committed to eradicating this deadly disease for good by sending vet professionals from all over the world. DNA Vetcare of course answered the call!

Our team at DNA vaccinated over 150 dogs against rabies a day:

Three of our Registered Veterinary Nurses, Luke, and Alison and Paul, spent a very intensive and challenging week in Mumbai vaccinating over 150 dogs a day. Mission Rabies identifies rabies hotspots and organizes mass vaccination programs the teams had to follow. Each vaccinated dog is then marked with a pet-friendly paint, that washes off after a few days, to make sure each area has been successfully covered.

Of this extraordinary experience, Paul recalls: “The response from the local people has been overwhelming. They hear “rabies” and come running with stray and community dogs desperate to get them vaccinated. It’s very clear that rabies is a danger in this country, and it makes us so proud to know that we’ve made a difference.”

“We’re extremely proud to be a part of this”, Alison says, “and do our small part to help vaccinate the dogs of Mumbai against this horrible disease and hopefully to help save lives.”

We are therefore extremely proud to announce that we our team contributed to vaccinating over 25,000 dogs.

Not only are we stopping the spread of the disease, but we are also saving the lives of tens of thousands of dogs as well as keeping the local population safe and healthy.

Being able to make such a difference in the life of the people of Mumbai and their dogs has been a life-changing experience, and we couldn’t be more grateful to WVS and Mission Rabies for allowing us to be a part of it.

Dane Swim

Our continuous support to charities:

As healthcare professional and animal lovers, one of our aims as is to help improve the welfare of all animals and reduce unnecessary suffering of animal within our care, local communities and the wider world.

This is why, in a few weeks, our founder Dane Walker will take part in a swim marathon to help raise money for WVS Thailand, a charity dedicated to improving the life of homeless dogs in Thailand.

You can support his swim here.