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Care for Dogs – Thai Dogs Charity

DNA Vetcare Has Raised over £59,000 for Thai Dogs charity!

One of our aims at DNA Vetcare is to help improve the welfare of all animals and reduce unnecessary suffering of animal within our care, local communities and the wider world. We have enormous respect and admiration for the volunteers that give up their time to help charities to protect animals that are sadly neglected, mistreated or abandoned. We have pledged our support to help as much as we can, building close relationships with several charities  – providing heavily discounted services and medicines, and several fundraising activities.

Working alongside these charities we have helped to care for many sick and injured animals around the world, giving them an opportunity to find a home with a loving family.


“Thank you so much to the awesome clients of DNA Vetcare for your inspirational support! Your kindness and generosity is massively appreciated and is making a huge difference to animals in need in Thailand through these difficult times. You’re ensuring that animals who otherwise would have no-one receive the care and treatment they deserve. Thank you.” Dr Luke Gamble, CEO & Founder, WVS.

World Veterinary Services – Care For Dogs

The World Veterinary Services (WVS) provides free expert care to animals in need all over the world. They do this by sending vets where they are needed most, training them to increase the standard of care globally and by shipping urgent aid supplies worldwide, every week of the year.

In Chiang Mai, Thailand, WVS runs the only treatment centre and shelter for the many street dogs in the region. The charity is in the process of building a new Intensive Care Unit, which will allow them to provide life-saving care to three-times as many critically sick and injured dogs. Find out more about WVS Care for Dogs.

Our Fundraising for WVS – Care for Dogs

The WVS Care for Dogs Foundation in Chang Mai, Northern Thailand, is one of the main charities supported by DNA Vetcare. They are doing such an amazing job saving homeless and neglected dogs, rescuing puppies and dogs and preventing the dog meat trade.

Over the last few years, Dane our Head Vet has taken part in a fundraising swimathon, raising several thousand pounds for the charity! This money funded vital supplies such as food, medicine and equipment, to save Thailand’s street dogs.

Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic Dane was unable to take part in the Swimathon in 2020, so instead, we asked our clients if they would donate 50p to the cause when they visited us for a consultation or vaccination. Astonishingly we managed to raise over £14,000 during the course of the pandemic thanks to the overwhelming generosity of our clients. We have continued our fundraising into 2021 and hope to send some of our veterinary team to Thailand soon as volunteers for the Care for Dogs charity.
The money will help Care For Dogs continue their work:

  • treating animals in the clinic
  • caring for animals in the shelter on the streets
  • rescuing animals in need
  • operating outreach camps

Their teams travel to communities who would otherwise have no access to veterinary care, or simply couldn’t afford it, and run temporary clinics. Here, amongst unpredictable weather conditions, they work tirelessly to provide free veterinary care to as many animals as possible. They treat life-threatening injuries, administer vaccinations to prevent disease, educate owners on basic care and perform neutering surgeries to help reduce overpopulation, and subsequently ease the suffering these issues can cause.

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