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How To Clip Your Dog’s Nails At Home

During the lockdown, many pooches out there were in desperate need of nail trimming. However, we’ve seen many pet injuries that resulted from their owners clipping their pet’s nails with scissors, so please do not attempt to clip your dog’s nails without the appropriate equipment. To take the pain out of a nail clip, here’s a video of Dane our Head Vet showing you how to clip your dog’s nails at home easily and safely.

Grass Seed Season Is Here

Please be super careful when taking your loved fur babies out for walks, especially in the long grass.
Grass seeds are very common around this time of year, so it is best that every time you come in after your walk you check paws and ears so that any seeds on the coat don’t burrow further and cause painful problems as they did for little Sirius.
This gorgeous little boy Sirius visited The Animal Clinic after being on a walk as his owners noticed a lot of head shaking and discomfort when the ear was touched. Unfortunately, the grass seed had already burrowed deeply into his ear and he needed an anaesthetic for safe removal of the whole grass seed. Here he is waking up from his anaesthetic, already feeling a lot more comfortable now that the offending grass seed is out of his ear 🥰 To find out more about these pesky visitors along with tips to protect your pets from grass seeds, click on the link.

Winnie’s Uplifting Spirit

This cutie pie here is Winnie who’s only a year and a half old. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with Burkitt’s-like lymphoma, an aggressive form of cancer, 8 months ago. She visited Wimbledon Vets for an ultrasound, and “staging”, or a check-up, to see how her cancer is going.

Luckily for Winnie, it looks like her lymphoma is currently stable with her current medication regime. Despite the nasty cancer, Winnie has never been unhappy and is still such a sweet little girl who always has a wag in her tail.