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Latest Coronavirus Guidance From Your Vet

During this period of uncertainty, we have continued to provide first-class care for your pets, while ensuring the health and safety of our clients and team. As the lockdown continues, we thought we would update you on how we can be there to care for you and your pet. Our surgeries are open as usual and your pet’s well-being is our top priority. Many of you have been in touch with concerns about your pets and questions about what vet care is available during this difficult time. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us and our dedicated team will be more than happy to help.


Over the past few months, many pets have patiently been waiting to get their vaccinations up to date or begin their primary course of vaccinations. Visits to the surgery should only be made if essential, however, there are certain circumstances when we are allowed to administer a vaccine:
  • Primary vaccination courses are available to puppies to minimise the risk of contracting fatal diseases such as parvovirus, leptospirosis and distemper.
  • Kittens are able to wait until 6 months of age to be vaccinated and we would encourage keeping them indoors until then.
  • Booster vaccinations are suspended until further notice. Your pet will retain immunity from previous vaccinations, but this will start to fade over the next few months. Once the lockdown regulations are relaxed, we will advise on whether your pet can be given a normal booster or if they will need to restart their vaccination course.


Routine neutering is currently suspended, however requests will be assessed on a case by case basis and we may consider surgery where appropriate i.e. if a male and female living together. Our vets use the below pyramid as a guide to determine whether your pet needs to be neutered during this period. If you are worried about your pet’s health, please call the surgery and our vets can guide you with the right course of action.


  • Due to the high risk to public health (with dogs potentially acting as fomites) and due to social distancing regulation, we advise you to continue to groom your pet yourself to reduce the incidence of knots.
  • We’ve also had many enquiries from clients regarding nail clipping. This can wait for a few weeks. However, if your pet’s nails start to grow very long or round, do not worry. Simply give us a call and we will find a way to help you. Please do not attempt to clip your pet’s nails as it can cause many nasty injuries. Many pet injuries have resulted from their owners clipping their nails with scissors.
  • If your dog has sore anal glands, give us a call and our experienced vets will assess the situation and advise on whether you need to come into the surgery.


We are open for emergencies and urgent cases. If you are worried about your pet, for your peace of mind, do call the surgery and we can see you by video consultation or talk to you through a phone consultation. If your appointment requires physical examination or treatment, we are also able to see you at the surgery. All of our consultations are charged at the usual price.

Safety at the surgery

If a visit to the practice is deemed necessary we will ask you to wait outside to maintain social distancing. Upon your arrival at the surgery:
  • Please call our team and let them know you have arrived for your appointment.
  • One of our dedicated nurses will come to collect your pet once the vet is available.
  • The consultation can then be carried out by phone with our vet.
To minimize the transmission of infection, our team is wearing masks and gloves at all times and we have hygiene protocols in place as well as checks at regular intervals. If you are currently in a household that is self-isolating or if you have been diagnosed with Covid-19, please inform our team.

Video Consultations

If your pet is unwell and needs to see a vet, please book a video consultation with one of our dedicated, expert vets. Online appointments are used initially as triage, allowing our veterinary surgeons to make a clinical judgement as to whether your pet can be treated remotely or will need to attend the practice for an examination. You can book a video consultation easily using your phone or laptop. If you don’t have access to a device with a camera, we are also offering telephone consultations with our experienced team. Should your pet need to be physically examined at the surgery, we will invite you in for an appointment. If you need to visit the surgery we’ll refund your online consult fee.

Nurse Consults

Preventative care is very important especially during this unsettling time. Our experienced veterinary nurses are available to answer all your questions and give you useful tips and information on your pet’s diet and weight management, vaccinations, parasite control treatment, dental care, our popular VIP Plan and much more… All for free!

Medication Delivery

We have been working hard to ensure that all pets registered with us are receiving their medication, be this by post or home delivery – where we are able to. Please call us to find out how we can help with your pet’s medication and food.

VIP Members

If you are a member of our beneficial cost-saving health scheme, you will continue to receive your VIP benefits i.e. 10% off all treatments and vaccines, AND your pet’s medicines will be delivered to your home completely free of charge. We have set-up an automatic postage service that will deliver 3 months’ supply of parasite control treatment directly to your door, free of charge throughout Lockdown. Our VIP Healthcare Plan is particularly important for the newest members of your family as it covers all your pet’s preventative treatment, microchipping, vaccinations and much more while saving you money in the process. If you are not already a member of our popular VIP Plan, click here to find out more.

Covid-19 Symptoms

If you are currently in a household that is self-isolating or if you have been diagnosed with Covid-19, please inform our team. We are then able to advise you further on how we can still treat your pet and find alternative ways to get your pet to the vet if necessary, following a video consultation.
In a few weeks’ time, we are optimistic that the guidance from our governing bodies will relax allowing us to possibly reintroduce neutering procedures and booster vaccinations. We will update you constantly as we review our services. Please follow our Facebook page to get regular updates as well as tips and important information on how to keep your pets safe and healthy during the lockdown. This is a challenging time for us all and we thank you for your patience and understanding.